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Response by the Airport Operators Association
28 February 2014

This response is made by the Airport Operators Association (AOA). The AOA is the trade body representing the interests of UK airports. The AOA membership comprises some 50+ airports from all parts of the UK, within which all of the nation’s major airports are represented. Click here to read more

Meetings with Home Office, UK Border Agency and DECC

We have been facilitating moves with the Home Office on the issue of addressing Misdirected Flights at airports and continue to meet with the UK Border Office on Border Security.

Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) for consultation on the role of the UK refining and fuel import sectors in meeting UK demand for refined oil products which closed in mid July.

Responding to the consultation the AOA made a number of points regarding airports experiencing sporadic supply disruptions.

We also raised the lack of comprehensive UK pipeline network and further discussions with the DECC are expected.

AOA Advice Notes 1-8 on Aerodrome Safeguarding

AN01 Overview August 2006
AN02 Lighting August 2006
AN03 Birds Landscaping August 2006
AN04 Cranes August 2006
AN05 Birds Landfill August 2006
AN06 Birds SUDS August 2006
AN07 Wind Turbines And Aviation August 2006
AN08 Birds Building Design Oct 2007