Airport Matters 2016

The Airport Operators Association (AOA), in partnership with ITN Productions, has launched a news and current affairs-style programme.

Presented by national newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky, ‘Airport Matters 2016’ looks at the tools and solutions that are supporting the aviation sector and airports across the UK. These range from what airports can learn from customer search data, new solutions in air traffic control and innovations in baggage handling.

‘Airport Matters 2016’ premiered on 21 November at the AOA’s Annual Conference in London. The programme features interviews from in and around the aviation sector and news-style reports, along with profiles of some of the leading organisations working within aviation.

The programme features an interview with Lord Ahmad MP, Minister for Aviation, who told Natasha Kaplinsky about the government’s decision to commission a third runway at London Heathrow airport:

“So why are we building a new runway at Heathrow? Why have we committed to that and ensuring that that now gets built and delivered by 2030? Internationally it’s recognised [that] the UK is an international hub, whether you’re travelling from East to West, or West to East, or indeed coming to the UK to visit. We want to show, to use your words, we are ‘open for business’, and whilst taxation is one element of it, it’s also about providing the connectivity which our country needs to ensure that our international partners know that we are truly open for business.”

A total of 3 sponsored news-style reports feature in ‘Airport Matters’, championing innovation and forward-thinking sustainable solutions:

  • ADB Safegate – Improvements in Air Traffic Control
  • Skyscanner – What insights can be gained from trends in passenger behaviour?
  • Vanderlande – Taking the heavy lifting out of baggage handling

Chief Executive of the AOA,  Darren Caplan said: “2016 has been an important year for aviation. From the Government decision on additional capacity in the South East of England, to build a third runway at Heathrow, and the new Government’s intention to shape an Aviation Strategy supporting sustainable sectoral growth throughout the UK, to the EU Referendum and its impact on future aviation links with the EU and countries like the US and Canada, Airport Matters explores all these issue as well as looking ahead at the challenges and opportunities of the years to come.

“It has been a pleasure to be working with ITN again on this year’s Airport Matters, enabling industry insiders as well as people interested in aviation generally, to get a glimpse at the breadth and diversity of our sector.”

Head of Industry News at ITN Productions, Simon Shelley said: “Through our partnership with the Airport Operators Association we’ve charted the growing and rapidly evolving airport and aviation industry. This year has been truly seismic, and we’re delighted to continue the partnership to explore the threats and opportunities for the industry.

We hope people throughout the sector will engage with the programme and use it as a means of sharing ideas and knowledge.”