Airports look forward to welcoming passengers back and provide travel advice

To prepare for the start of the school summer holidays in England and Wales, airports’ have been preparing since late last year. Many passengers will not have flown in over two years. To help get everyone away on their holidays as quickly as possible and keep delays to a minimum, airports are reminding passengers of what is the same but also what is different:

Check-in is taking longer, but do not arrive earlier than your airline advises you to:

  • Airlines have to check Covid documentation for some destinations, so check-in may take longer.
  • Check with your airline when you need to arrive at the airport but do not arrive earlier than advised as check-in will not yet be open.
  • Make sure you have your ticket, passport, and Covid-related travel documents ready to show staff when you reach the check-in desk so you can be on your way quickly.

Get ready for airport security: it’s been a while, so remember:

  • Large bags should be placed in the hold, please ensure you drop them with your airline and avoid taking large bags through security to prevent unnecessary delays.
  • Carefully pack bags at home and carry only essential items in hand luggage (check Government advice on what’s allowed here): this helps reduce the need for manual checks, which can cause queues to build up.
  • Have your boarding pass ready for inspection (passport are not required at security).
  • Carry any liquids, aerosols and/or gels (in max. 100ml containers) in a clear resalable plastic bag, take them out of your hand baggage while queueing, ready to put them in the security tray.
  • Take off your coat, watch and belt and remove any other metal items when you reach the front of the queue so you’re ready to put them in the trays.
  • Electrical items such as laptops, mobile phones and tablets may need to go through X-ray machines separately, so get them ready by taking them out of your hand luggage when you approach the front of the queue.
  • Place your hand baggage and coat/jacket into a tray, use more than one tray if you are carrying more than can easily fit in one tray.
  • You may be asked to remove your shoes and/or other items of clothing or jewellery before going through the security archway.

Commenting, Airport Operators Association Chief Executive Karen Dee said:

“This is the first summer holiday abroad that many people will have had since 2019 and airports cannot wait to help passengers on their way to their destinations.

“Airports have been preparing for this since late last year – including by recruiting and training large numbers of additional security staff – and the vast majority of passengers across the UK are now getting away on their holidays with no or minimal disruption.

“For many passengers, this will be the first time they have travelled abroad since the beginning of the pandemic and the processes required may seem unfamiliar. The advice airports (and airlines) are issuing should help ensure passengers are as prepared as they can be.

“If airports and passengers work together in this way, we can get everyone on their way as smoothly and quickly as possible.”