AOA Annual Awards 2018 winners announced

At the AOA Annual Conference last night [Monday 29 October 2018], the winners of the 2018 AOA Annual Awards were announced.

Best AOA Annual Conference Exhibition Stand: Dallmeier

Best Innovator: Vanderlande, whose submission clearly met criteria and demonstrated an innovative and flexible approach with quantifiable benefits.

Commended in this category was Rohde & Schwarz for a detailed application that demonstrated a number of benefits through their innovative solution.

Best Business Partner: Met Office, for clearly setting out how they learned lessons from previous events and adapted their service provision.

Commended in this category was Wilson James for a very promising start to a new contract with Liverpool John Lennon Airport that demonstrated ingenuity and commitment to excellence.

Best Environmental Initiative: Wilson James, who demonstrated delivery in line with Heathrow’s 2.0 targets. Tangible and measurable outcomes and benefits and a clear and demonstrable commitment to continuous improvement.

Commended in this category was London Gatwick Airport for achieving zero waste-to-landfill, as the first airport in the world to do so.

Best Solution Provider: Rohde & Schwarz, for a well-prepared submission that outlined a clear problem and the benefits of their solution.

Commended in this category was Flight Calibration Services for a service solution that delivered widespread benefits and helped transform service.

AOA UK Airports Safety Week – Best Airport campaign: Cardiff Airport for an excellent and well-thought-through campaign that delivered a solid programme of events, which engaged a whole range of airport stakeholders, staff, passengers and the wider community. They also drew on learnings from the event and implemented a legacy programme.

Commended in this category was George Best Belfast City Airport for vibrant series of events that included excellent engagement with other airports and the local community.

Best General Aviation Airport: Carlisle Lake District Airport, who provide a natural gateway for visitors to the Lake District National Park, the Pennines, Galloway and the Border regions of Scotland. It is promoting this valuable tourist facility with commercial and business passenger flights to major centres planned for Spring 2019. General aviation activity is strongly encouraged, and has long been enthusiastically supported, visitors flying in being made very welcome. Flight training is also available, and ranges from rotary to fixed wing, including microlights and instrument flight training, with all the usual facilities and support services. Dedication in aiming to excel in providing an all-round general aviation airport is amply demonstrated.

AOPA has selected the winner in the best general aviation airport category.

Best Airport (Under 3 million passengers): London Southend Airport

Best Airport (3-10 million passengers): East Midlands Airport

Best Airport (Over 10 million passengers): Birmingham Airport

Airlines UK have selected the winners in the best airport categories.

Chief Executive of the AOA, Karen Dee said:

“Aviation is a UK success story and our vibrant and innovative work is globally leading. The AOA Annual Awards showcased just a sample of that best-in-kind work, including around improving efficiency, reducing the impact of aviation on the environment and delivering an ever-improving passenger experience.

“A special mention goes to the winner of the UK Airports Safety Week Awards, who demonstrated the success of AOA UK Airports Safety Week 2018. We have a relentless focus on working with all business, operators and passengers across airports to provide a world-class safety environment for passengers.

“Congratulations to them all!”