Government needs to help UK regions recover from Flybe collapse

Commenting on Flybe going into administration, Chief Executive of the Airport Operators Association Karen Dee said:

“Flybe played a critical and unique role in the UK aviation system, supporting the development of the regions by providing essential connectivity that no other airline or other mode of transport offered. Its domestic and international network also helped to unlock the tourism potential of those regions.

“There was a crucial role for Government to safeguard vital domestic connectivity. The announcements in January of a review into Air Passenger Duty and Regional Air Connectivity were seen as a sign that the Government understood the vital importance of regional connectivity and the damaging impact of APD. It is extremely disappointing that just a few weeks on, the promised urgent action has not led to a workable solution and that the reviews have made no progress.

“The Government now needs to urgently step up to the plate to help UK regions recover from this major blow. The economic and social value of regional aviation connectivity is impossible to overestimate, with thousands of jobs in every UK region relying directly or indirectly on their local airports and their route networks.”