High passenger satisfaction with airport security

Responding to the Department for Transport’s publication of the CAA Passenger Survey’s data on the experiences of security screening at selected UK airports in 2016, Chief Executive of the AOA, Karen Dee said:

“The vast majority of passengers are satisfied or very satisfied with their security screening experience at UK airports. That shows that airports’ hard work to improve security screening experiences and meet ambitious maximum waiting time targets is paying off.

“Providing the best possible experience throughout a passenger’s journey is a top priority for airports and it is clear that passengers are seeing the benefits of this.

“While nine in ten passengers believe it is acceptable that security screening may cause inconvenience, airports will continue their investment to ensure the process is easy and quick, enabling passengers to get to their destination as smoothly as possible.”


Notes to Editors:

  1. According to the CAA Passenger Survey data released today by the Department for Transport, in 2016:
    1. The majority (85%) of passengers surveyed said they were very satisfied or satisfied with their experiences of security screening.
    2. 51% of air passengers saying they were very satisfied
    3. The majority of passengers (79%) said there was no aspect with which they were least satisfied.
    4. The average time passengers reported that they spent queuing for security screening was 7.1 minutes. As the CAA notes, passengers tend to overestimate their queuing time so these figures are likely to be higher than actual times.
    5. The majority of passengers (91%) strongly agreed or agreed that any inconvenience caused by the security screening was acceptable.