Joint ACI EUROPE & AOA statement on the EU’s draft guidelines on the future UK-EU relationship

Brussel & London, 7 March 2018: Today’s draft EU guidelines for the post-Brexit relationship confirm that specific air transport and air safety agreements will be needed to safeguard air connectivity between the UK and the EU. This is a welcome step – as this charts the way forward for the future aviation relationship and thus potentially reduces uncertainty for our sector.

Aviation is one of the EU’s most prominent success stories. Thanks to the Single Aviation Market, European consumers have access to more destinations than ever at lower fares. ACI EUROPE and the UK Airport Operators Association urge negotiators to put the passenger at the heart of a future deal to ensure they continue to benefit from this excellent air connectivity, whether they live and work in the EU, or in the UK.

That is why we call both on EU27 and UK negotiators to seek a future agreement that mirrors as closely as possible today’s arrangements. We note that the draft EU guidelines do not consider the rights of UK airlines to keep flying within the EU27 nor the right of EU27 airlines to keep flying within the UK, as a result of the UK leaving the Single Aviation Market. These restrictions would result in a less competitive overall European aviation sector as a result of reduced operating flexibility and additional costs.