Lack of support for aviation will hurt jobs

Commenting on the £1bn support package for the hospitality industry, Airport Operators Association Chief Executive Karen Dee said:

“Aviation ranks with hospitality and tourism as one of the worst-hit sectors in the UK economy. Airports have lost billions in revenue already in this pandemic and, with omicron hitting aviation before any other sector, airports continue to accrue losses at an alarming rate following the most recent government-imposed travel restrictions.

“Yet despite the critical role airports and aviation connectivity play in the economy, the Chancellor time and again overlooks our sector when he announces sector-specific support measures. Meanwhile, our airport competitors in the US, Germany and Italy have received generous grants so they can maintain their critical operations and be ready for the recovery.

“The lack of significant government support means that the UK’s aviation connectivity recovery will be longer and harder than the recoveries of our competitors. This will hurt UK jobs, damage our economy and undermine the UK government’s global Britain ambitions.”