The AOA works to further the interests of all its members. It seeks to deliver a flourishing airport sector, enabling its airport members to grow and its Corporate, Gold, Silver and Associate members to interact with and supply the sector.


AOA team members will put ‘Members First’ when conducting activities on behalf of the AOA, and to take a professional approach in their dealings with both external stakeholders and members.


‘Members First’ means delivering the best possible customer service to:
i) ALL AOA members; and
ii) external stakeholders, including other aviation and business related organisations, politicians, media and members of the public
AOA staff should treat each AOA member and external stakeholder in a positive, professional manner, which makes them feel they are “being put first” at all times.

Striving for excellence

We will continue to strive for excellence by improving how we conduct the following:

  • Welcoming office for all members wishing to benefit from AOA facilities (office hours are 9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Thursday, and 9.00am to 5.00pm on Friday).
  • Member relations – all member organisations’ most senior / appropriate contact to receive an individual letter from the AOA, including an offer of a meeting.
  • Going the extra mile’ ethos – try to impress members wherever possible.
  • Phone calls – answered promptly with a positive welcome.
  • .Comms – to be clear, timely and well-written
    • ‘Out of office’ email messages to be professionally formatted.
    • Written responses to enquiries to be given in a timely manner, with holding responses for those requiring longer timeframes
  • Website – to be regarded as the AOA shop window, kept up to date, with ALL team members responsible for identifying errors.
  • Quality meetings – timely notifications, professional arrangements and meeting rooms set up, follow-up action points delivered.
  • Quality events – timely notifications, professional arrangements, with feedback sought after events to seek ideas for improvement.