New aviation agreements to underpin a truly global Britain

Responding to Prime Minister Theresa May’s speech on the UK’s priorities for its exit negotiations with the EU, AOA Public Affairs Manager, Henk van Klaveren said:

“With nearly three-quarters of visitors to the UK and 40% of the UK’s trade by value travelling by air, aviation provides the necessary international connectivity for a truly global Britain. UK airports stand ready to facilitate the connectivity of the future.

“Aviation is legally unique: air services require international agreements on frequency and destinations. These can range from very restrictive to very open. The UK was the driving force behind the open and liberal approach to air connectivity within the EU and to the countries the EU has agreements with for all member states, such as the US and Canada.

“We urge the Prime Minister to prioritise new agreements, to ensure that the legal framework for aviation links with the EU, the US and other countries continues seamlessly once the UK leaves the EU. The Government should seek to ensure that UK travellers as well as the business visitors and tourists of the future can continue to enjoy the benefits of an open aviation market that provides the connectivity necessary for a prosperous UK economy that delivers for everyone.”