New laws extend no-fly zone for drones

Responding to the Government’s new laws on drones, Chief Executive of the Airport Operators Association, Karen Dee said:

“Drones are a great new technology that are expected to bring many benefits to aviation and the UK as a whole. To achieve these benefits, we must ensure drones are operated safely and pose no risk or disruption to air traffic and airports.

“The AOA has called for an extension to the no-fly zone around airports and the new laws announced by Government show they have listened. Combined with additional powers for the police, these new rules an important step in the right direction. As partners in the Drone Code, the AOA will support efforts to educate the public on these new rules.

“An important way to ensure people do not inadvertently break the law is through introducing mandatory geo-fencing technology as soon as possible. This would safeguard critical airspace around airports from accidental drone incursions. We believe this is the most effective way to ensure that unsafe drone use does not have major consequences.”