Passengers can book 2020 flights with confidence

Commenting on the Department for Transport’s announcement published today [Thursday 5 September 2019] confirming that the UK will reciprocate the EU’s proposed extension of its no-deal regulation for aviation, Chief Executive of the Airport Operators Association, Karen Dee said:

“The measures outlined by the UK Government will ensure that flights between the UK and EU will be able to continue in a no-deal scenario, this includes UK domestic routes currently operated by EU airlines for a limited time.

“This comes on top of the important steps the UK Government has taken in concluding UK bilateral agreements with non-EU countries like the US and Canada where we currently fly to under an EU-level agreement.

“While an orderly transition period remains airports’ top priority, today’s announcement, alongside the European Commission’s proposal yesterday, should reassure passengers that the UK’s essential air connectivity will continue to operate, so they can book their 2020 holidays, family visits and business trips with confidence.”