Quarantine devastating UK aviation – urgent action on testing needed

Monday 7 September 2020

Responding to the Transport Secretary’s statement in the House of Commons, AOA Chief Executive Karen Dee said:

“Treating islands separately to a mainland, for the purposes of quarantine, is a welcome step in the right direction for Government policy.

“But the quarantine requirement is devastating the UK aviation industry and this change is unlikely to improve consumer confidence significantly. It is essential that we find a safe alternative.”

“Industry has been calling for Government action on a testing regime for the aviation system for months, while the sector has suffered through its worst summer in a generation. While there are certainly some issues with testing immediately on arrival – as the Transport Secretary outlined – there are other options available, such as testing on day 5 or day 8 after arrival, which could improve the situation.

“Government must work quickly and decide upon a testing regime which can be put in place as soon as possible. The aviation sector cannot continue operating against these headwinds for much longer – AOA estimates more than 100,000 jobs are at risk unless the industry can re-start properly. A testing regime for UK aviation would help kick-start such a recovery.”