Scottish travel easements welcome step forward

Commenting on the Scottish Government’s decision to align with the UK Government’s easing of travel restrictions, Airlines UK Chief Executive Tim Alderslade and Airport Operators Association Chief Executive Karen Dee said:

“It is excellent news for Scottish consumers and businesses that the Scottish Government is planning to implement the same travel easements as the rest of the UK is. Scottish airports and airlines operating in Scotland will now work hard to help Scotland catch up again with England, in re-establishing connectivity and this will hopefully see more people book travel this winter season.

“It is crucial that the UK Government works with the devolved administrations and the aviation industry on operationalising the move to Day 2 lateral flow test in time for the different half-term holidays across the UK. The more notice people are given, the more this will encourage bookings and allow industry to prepare for increased traffic.

“However, the UK as a whole continues to have a more onerous approach to travel than our European competitors. Ultimately, we need to return to a situation similar to prior to the pandemic, in which people can travel without further tests or forms to fill out. The Scottish Government should work with the UK and other devolved administrations to aim for this as soon as is safely possible. The Scottish Government should also maintain financial support until a full recovery is possible.”