Sustainable aviation fuels one step closer

Responding to the announcement that the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation will include sustainable aviation fuels in future, Chief Executive of the AOA, Karen Dee said:

“Sustainable aviation fuels are one step closer in the UK now they will be included in the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation. This will encourage investment in the production and supply of sustainable aviation fuels, enabling the industry to fly cleaner and greener.

“Analysis by the Sustainable Aviation coalition has shown that sustainable fuels can help us achieve a CO2 emissions reduction of up to 24% by 2050. This is a major step towards our goal of halving net CO2 emissions by 2050, while facilitating the expected passenger growth. It will also help with air quality, as sustainable fuels have significantly lower particulate emissions.

“This announcement will create green jobs in the UK. A domestic sustainable aviation fuels industry could generate a Gross Value Added of up to £265 million a year by 2030 and support up 4,400 jobs.”