Tackling disruptive passengers across their whole journey

Responding to the launch of the Government’s Call for Evidence on licensing laws in airports, Chief Executive of the Airport Operators Association Karen Dee said:

“Airports are committed to reducing further the already small numbers of disruptive incidents that result from passengers’ excessive alcohol consumption.

“Airports work closely with airlines, airport retailers, bars and restaurants and the police to tackle excessive alcohol consumption at all stages of the passenger journey. This includes passengers’ travel to the airport, at the airport and consumption onboard aircraft. 

“For example, we successfully launched the One Too Many campaign this summer, supported by the Government. This reached nearly two million people through social media and many more through advertising in airports, reminding them of the serious consequences of disruptive behaviour, from being denied boarding, fines or even prison sentences. 

“We know our industry-wide work is having an impact. More should be done to develop these initiatives further, including fully enforcing existing powers that airlines and the police have at their disposal, before considering additional regulation.”