UK airports urge parliamentary inquiry to lobby for lower aviation taxes and better international connectivity

The Airport Operators Association (AOA) has submitted its response to the Aviation All Party Parliamentary Group’s inquiry into the competitiveness of the UK aviation sector. In its submission, the AOA highlights:

·         The detrimental impact to the UK economy of having the highest aviation taxes on the world, and the need for the Treasury to undertake independent analysis of the economic impacts of APD, not just on the aviation sector but the UK economy as a whole;

·         The economic benefits of the aviation sector; highlighting the lack of coherent aviation policy and its long term damage to the UK economy to compete in new and existing markets; and

·         The work being undertaken, collaboratively by the industry, through Sustainable Aviation to make aviation cleaner, quieter and smarter.


Darren Caplan, Chief Executive of the AOA, said:

“We are keen to submit evidence to this important parliamentary inquiry. The delay to publishing the Sustainable Framework for UK Aviation 1st draft and the ‘Call for evidence’ on hub capacity means it is well placed to help shape the Government’s current thinking.

“UK plc depends on aviation as crucial infrastructure providing the regional, national and international connectivity essential for a successful trading nation such as ours. At a time when eurozone economies are slowing, we need to maintain and increase our connectivity to growing economies worldwide. We have made all of these points in our submission.”


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