Union Connectivity Review welcome but more needed to restore connectivity

Commenting on the final report of the Union Connectivity Review published today [Friday 26 November 2021], Airport Operators Association Chief Executive Karen Dee said:

“The pandemic has had a devastating impact on the UK’s connectivity and the Union Connectivity Review is a welcome step towards recovering and expanding some of our domestic connectivity. The report is right to highlight that aviation provides essential connectivity within the UK that even improvements to other modes cannot replace.

“However, domestic routes are only one part of the post-pandemic connectivity recovery. The four UK nations do not only rely on connectivity to other parts of the UK to thrive but also internationally. This connectivity is expected to recover more slowly and the UK and devolved administrations need to set out ambitious proposals to ensure all parts of the UK have the connectivity they need.

“Without good air links, the UK Government’s Global Britain ambitions and levelling up plans will be difficult, if not impossible, to deliver.”