AOA’s response to the CCC’s progress in reducing emissions report.

Commenting on the launch of the CCC’s progress report to Parliament, Airport Operators Association Chief Executive Karen Dee said:

“The AOA disagrees with the CCC’s recommendation on airport expansion.  The aviation industry and the UK Government both have a plan in place for UK aviation to achieve net-zero by 2050 while still accommodating growth in air travel in that same time frame. Banning airport expansion now, in the way suggested would damage the UK’s economic future and deter investment from the UK.

“What is needed, rather than focusing on preventing people flying, is policies and measures which enable change: for example through modernising airspace, supporting and requiring the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel, and supporting the development and deployment of hydrogen and electric flight. By adopting this approach, we can deliver our net-zero ambitions while also ensuring people can continue to enjoy the many and varied benefits that aviation delivers.”