Covid-19 updates

COVID-19 Update 63

Wednesday 17 June 2020

Dear AOA Member,

Consumer confidence and public support for various Government action has been front of mind for the AOA today. We participated in the communications sub-group of the DfT’s Expert Steering Group, where polling on the travel intentions of the public were discussed. AOA is considering when would be best to conduct its own polling in order to gain a better understanding of any passenger confidence issues which still remain once the quarantine is lifted.

Media attention and lobbying efforts on support for aviation and the need for quarantine measures to be lifted at the end of the month continued today. Yesterday evening the Leader of the Opposition, Sir Keir Starmer, repeated his call for the aviation industry to receive a coronavirus rescue deal, highlighting how the current job retention scheme is not a long-term solution to the potential job crisis in the sector.

AOA also met with the Airspace Change Organising Group (ACOG) today to discuss the future of the airspace modernisation programme. With the sector still focused on recovery from the pandemic it is difficult to assess how the airspace modernisation programme will be affected. ACOG has been tasked by the CAA to develop proposals and options for airspace modernisation going forward; the team has drafted a report which is being used to brief stakeholders and decision-makers in the sector. AOA will keep members informed on the latest with airspace modernisation as it happens.

Other items:

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Best wishes,

Karen Dee
Chief Executive