G7 business groups highlight importance of restarting travel

Commenting on the communique from the B7 [the business federations of the G7 countries, including the UK’s CBI], Airport Operators Association Chief Executive Karen Dee said:

“The business federations of the G7 countries have today made clear the importance of the G7 governments working together restart international travel. Currently the myriad travel restrictions, testing requirements and diverging approaches on vaccination certification across the globe are confusing for passengers and risk undermining demand for travel.

“The AOA welcomes the strong recommendations by the B7 to enact clear, consistent and internationally harmonised standards and procedures for restarting cross-border travel, including on testing with the aim to move away from quarantine requirements.

“The AOA will be working to ensure the UK Government plays its part in this. In particular, the UK Government needs to step up its work on improving the flow at the border by improving digitisation of test and vaccine certificates, improving the Passenger Locator Form and speeding up the planned upgrade to ePassport gates to enable faster processing of passengers.”