Government should move to a risk-based approach on Quarantine

Responding to the Home Secretary’s announcement of the 14-day quarantine period in the House of Commons, Chief Executive of the Airport Operators Association Karen Dee said:

“We are disappointed that the Government is pressing ahead with the blanket, untargeted quarantine proposals, as these will have a devastating impact on the aviation sector and the parts of the wider economy which rely heavily on the connectivity we provide, putting jobs at risk as the country attempts to recover from the COVID-19 crisis. Nevertheless, we will work constructively with Border Force and others to ensure that the policy is implemented in the most sensible and practical way possible.

“Many of our trading partners and countries around the world are adopting a science-led, more risk-based approach as they exit their own quarantine measures now the crisis is abating. The concept of “air bridges” must be looked at with urgency to allow travel to low-risk countries while protecting the public from high-risk arrivals. We urge the Government to devote the resource necessary to move to this more targeted, common-sense approach to international arrivals as soon as possible – as our competitors are doing.

“As the aviation sector faces yet more uncertainty and reduced traffic numbers, due to the quarantine policy, the Chancellor needs to provide further financial and business support to an already struggling sector. Another prolonged period with limited to no revenue will damage the sector and hinder the UK’s overall economic recovery.”