Setting out a clear vision for aviation during the election campaign

In response to the announcement by the Prime Minister, Theresay May MP, that a general election will be held on 8 June, AOA Chief Executive Karen Dee said:

“With a snap General Election now confirmed, airports will be looking to the political parties to set out a clear vision for the future of UK aviation. Aviation will be vital to deliver on the parties’ manifestoes, whether directly through the million people working in the aviation industry, generating economic growth and tax revenues, or through the businesses we support with domestic and international connectivity, such as tourism and companies that export high-value or time-critical goods.

“To enable the aviation industry to deliver further jobs and economic growth across the country, a new Government will need to move ahead swiftly with some of the burning issues facing the sector. This includes a fair framework for sustainable growth through a new Aviation Strategy, modernisation of UK airspace to ensure it is fit for purpose and a reduction in Air Passenger Duty to encourage new links to existing and emerging markets. The new Government will also have to ensure that the UK has the international agreements necessary to continue aviation connectivity after the UK has left the EU, which should be a priority in the upcoming Brexit negotiations.

“We look forward to the debate on these and other issues in the election campaign and working with the new Government to deliver on these important objectives.”