Travel easements welcome step forward

Commenting on the UK Government’s announcement on the easing of travel restrictions for England, Airport Operator Association Chief Executive Karen Dee said:

“The easing of restrictions for both fully vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers arriving in England is a welcome recognition of the vaccine’s effectiveness and the limited impact of travel bans and restrictions on the spread of Covid-19.

“The abolition of the Day 2 test for fully vaccinated passengers ahead of the February half-term for many schools across the UK means families can now book with confidence and save money on the cost of testing.

“We now look forward to working with Ministers on a comprehensive recovery plan for the UK’s connectivity. Aviation connectivity is a catalyst for economic growth, and bringing routes back will be vital for the UK’s economic recovery as well as for the UK Government’s Global Britain and Levelling Up ambitions.

“We urge the devolved administrations to align with these changes to maintain a four-nation approach to travel. The UK and devolved governments also need to set out clearly how they will respond if a new variant emerges as preparedness and transparency are vital for consumer and industry confidence.”